May 1, 2015

“We know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”
~Romans 8:28

Those who love God only do so because He first loved them. It is the faithfulness of His loving kindness that assures us that all things are providentially working together for our good, for the good of those who have been called according to His purpose–the purpose of becoming more Christ like.

Beloved, if we are to stand firmly upon the truth of this verse, then we must hold to the attributes of our God. He is eternal and all knowing. Therefore, nothing takes Him by surprise, and He knows what is going on in our lives. Everything cooperates with His purposes for those He has called. He sees the beginning from the end, and all proceeds in accordance with His will.

All such things are kept and enabled by the fact that God is the Almighty. There is no other power or authority in heaven or earth that can hinder or take from His. Therefore nothing is too hard for Him, His providence and power working together perfectly in the lives of His people.

These things are guided by His loving wisdom which endures forever, the love that He would want us to know in its depths, height, width, and length in Christ Jesus. Such love is not realized, though, by our will always being fulfilled but by coming to know and experience the glory and wisdom of His will for us.

Such workings also include the removing of sin and the carnal areas of our lives. This is a refining process that is not always easily embraced unless we put our trust in His love for us and understand the work of sanctification. His working all things for our good also takes us from the temporal to the eternal, causing us to see more clearly the eternal and having our affections set upon them while the love of this world and the temptation for temporal things die. Therefore, we are tried and tested, suffer the loss of some things, but gain the heart of God, and are conformed into a greater likeness of our Lord.

Beloved, the Lord is working all things for your good because He first loved you and called you. He is bringing you along, promising never to forsake you, to keep you, provide for you, and let nothing separate you from His love, taking you from one glorious transformation unto another. Everything within the providence of God is cooperating to this end. Trust Him today and His goodness towards you.

In Christ alone.

Pastor Wight

Scripture quotation taken from the NASB.

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